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Custom Super Cisco Crankbaits


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The Super Cisco™ Crankbaits from Tackle Industries have the strike-drawing features that entice wall hanger musky, pike, largemouth bass, and peacock bass to lash out with attitude. Great shad, whitefish, cisco, and perch imitations, the hard plastic Super Cisco Crankbaits feature 3D holographic eyes, super-loud, built-in rattles and a bent diving lip that lets the Super Ciscos swim from 6' to 8' when cast and up to 20' when trolled. Even when trolled at high-speeds above 10 mph., the Super Cisco won't blow out, and will continue to produce tantalizing flash and side-to-side swimming action. Through wire construction makes the Super Cisco super tough, and the blood red, 3X strong 3/0 freshwater hooks will not wilt once the fight is on! 6-1/2". 1.6 oz.

  • Great shad, whitefish, cisco, and perch imitations
  • Durable finish, 3D holographic eyes and super-loud, built-in rattles
  • Tantalizing flash and side-to-side action
  • Bent diving lip prevents blow out at high speeds
  • Red, 3X strong 3/0 hooks